ice skating -deepIt started with a crescendo,

our Bolero!

me, in purple hood,

sleeves bagging in the chill night;

ice-packed floor alight with the warmth

of coloured spots and the elegant dance.

Inspired, we admired dancer blades carving the route

in a night city court,

closing our chapter on a tale of winter love,



And then you,

you entered fearless and falling into the barriers

with purity and accidental grace;

my clumsy mind wobbling blind as

plum leggings and silky trailing scarf

cast you as the perfect score.

At once in skater dreams,

our edge-running unison sparked and forged,

steel blades leapt into crystal spirals,

and double jumps tripled as heartbeats raged

and quickened.


And then it was us,

envisioned glassy love perfected in motion

near unstoppable- breaks sudden,

skates lock sharp, legs twist and splay and tumble;

a commotion and clatter of incompetent dreamers.

Drawn back from the sweeping magic

where the stars now dance and spin our heads,

they still aspire as champions kindling Bolero’s fire,

and a return tomorrow where I think

our passionate crescendo will loop the rink.