Motorway snow drawings on BBC South East Today

Here is my little story. I had been to the University for the Creative Arts, Canterbury campus to deliver a creative writing workshop for the Creative Challenge, and got away promptly at 7.20pm. Canterbury was totally clear of any snow and all was well driving back to Brighton, my home until I got to Detling Hill near Maidstone. The snow tap just got suddenly switched on! A rather slippery drive down the hill, was followed by fast-covering snowstorms on the M20, M26, the M25 which was only just passable around Clackett Lane, and then I really hit extreme weather and chaos a mile from Pease Pottage. I had no food or water, but to keep calm I decided to listen to others’ stories on BBC Sussex with David Miller and even wrote a poem about our predicament which was performed ‘live’ on his programme from my car at around 10.30pm! I drew the unfolding events- helped to pass some of the time. All I had was a ‘sharpie’ marker, my sketchbook and plenty of opportunity. Twelve and a half hours later I eventually made it home to Brighton feeling just a little bit tired and quite hungry. Quite an adventure. The sort of thing we train for!